The One Day Principle

If you can do the 75HARD, you can do anything.

Louis Shulman
3 min readApr 25, 2021
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You are capable of achieving much more than you think.

You aren’t held back by a fundamental shortcoming or genetic inadequacy. You have not been taught the art of execution. You could do more, but you do not know how.

This is why I am deeply passionate about the 75HARD. The 75HARD teaches the art of execution — the art of winning the war with yourself. Once completed, the 75HARD framework can be applied to achieve any goal.

You can do more than you think you can. You just need the framework.

The 75HARD is a mental toughness challenge that demands flawless execution of 6 tasks every day for 75DAYS.

  1. Drink a gallon of water 💧
  2. Take a progress picture 📷
  3. Read 10 pages of nonfiction 📚
  4. Don’t drink alcohol 🍷
  5. Two 45-min workouts, one has to be outside ☀️
  6. Follow a diet, no cheat meals 🥩

2.5 months. 6750 minutes of exercise. 9600oz of water. No cheating.

If you miss or skip any step, you start back at day ZERO.

When people first learn about the 75HARD, they have 1 of 3 reactions

  1. Hell yeah, let’s do it 💪
  2. Sounds cool, but no thanks 🚫
  3. There is no way I could ever do that 😨

This mini-essay is for those who resonate with number 3.

If that’s you, think about the following question.

For just one day, could you do all 6 things? Could you, within your 16 waking hours, do two workouts, eat clean, read a bit, snap a photo, chug some water, and go outside?

Of course you could. You might have to get creative and plan ahead. You might have to organize & budget your time, but you could no doubt make it happen. I believe in you.

If you’ve convinced yourself that you could do it once, congratulations! The hardest part is over. If today, you can carve out time for 6 critically important activities, you can do it every day for 75 days.

The 75HARD (and all achievement) is no more complicated than this. If you can execute your essential tasks once, you can do them twice. 2 becomes 3, and so on.

The secret sauce of the 75HARD isn’t the 6 arbitrary tasks. The secret sauce is a built-in system that guarantees consistency, discipline, accountability, and commitment.

  • It is not about going outside or drinking a lot of water.
  • It is about sequencing 75 consecutive days of executing what matters most.

Once you cross that barrier, anything becomes possible. The framework becomes malleable to suit your personal needs and goals.

Think of the other goals most people commonly set and then fail to achieve:

  • Learning a new language, learning to code (or any other skill)
  • Losing/ gaining weight
  • Building an active social life
  • Building a new habit: writing, reading, etc

Swap out a workout for 45-mins of coding, language, learning, or any other new habit.

When you commit with zero room for error and create a clear consequence for failure (starting over), magic happens. When you sequence 75 days, your abilities transform.

  • Where would you be if you spent 45 mins daily on a habit with zero deviation?
  • What if you publicly committed to not quitting until you achieve a 75-day streak?

Stop making excuses. What’s stopping you is not a natural inability. The biggest barrier is consistency, belief, and commitment. When you’ve mastered the art of execution, anything is possible. If you can do it one day, you can find time every day.

Don’t break the streak. Get after it.

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