Don’t Start A Company Immediately After Graduating College

7 Better Things To Do Instead

Louis Shulman
7 min readApr 5, 2021


Graduating So Soon?

As an aspiring entrepreneur about to graduate college, the natural next step would be to start my own company, right?

Despite the simplicity and romanticism of that path, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s actually a bad idea for four reasons.

  1. A solution in search of a problem: If you start a company for the sake of starting one, more than likely you’ll end up creating what you want to create — not what the market wants (and is willing to pay for).
  2. Short Runways: Fresh out of school, you presumably don’t have baskets of cash. You’ll need money to live off of before the seeds of your business can blossom.
  3. Lack of skills: School teaches you how to do school, not how to run a business. Unless you’ve deliberately acquired skills, you’ll have some serious learning to do.
  4. Fear about plan B: If you’ve never learned how to generate income, you’ll be in fear that your business has to succeed otherwise you’ll starve and die. It’s good for your confidence & sanity to have had a job/freelance and know you’d be capable of generating income if it ever came down to it.

In The Interim — 7 Ideas for What To Do Instead

Rather than starting a business and hoping it works, I suggest considering the following. Each leads to acquiring skills or assets that will make you more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur if and when you have an idea that addresses a specific problem that people are willing to pay to have solved.


I’m speaking from very limited experience. My advice is purely hypothetical.

Make life decisions based on my musings at your own risk (as should always be assumed for blogs written by 21-year olds).

1 — Learn To Sell: Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, or Lead Gen

All businesses can be reduced to two essential parts: sales and fulfillment. Let’s break this down.

  • Sales: Generate demand for some offer.



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