Don’t Be a Zombie

One simple step to reclaim your humanity

Louis Shulman
2 min readApr 19, 2021

When you are out and about, keep your head up. Look around.

Try it everywhere you go. You’ll notice the same thing.

Everyone else is a zombie.

Their faces are smothered by screens. Their ears are plugged, covered, or closed. The sounds of nature are overpowered by numbing entertainment of their choosing.

They are held hostage by their custom virtual universes.

They are all zombies. All of them.

All of them, except you. Keep your head up. Look around. Choose to see the world. Remember how to experience it. Allow thoughts to wander.

Observe as the zombies passively go about their days. Watch the measures they’ll take to avoid even a glimpse of solitude.

Solitude is a superpower: sustained concentration, bouncing creative insights, and time for the thinking brain to recharge.

When you are out and about, keep your head up. Look around. You’ll find friends. A group of others that have warded off the pandemic of the mind. A secret fraternity of people aware of awareness.

Others that look up. Others that plug into the world not the machine.

They are at peace with themselves, at peace with their thoughts, and at peace with the moment.

They’ve cured themselves of the pandemic of the mind.

The cure requires a mild dose of boredom and a mild dose of solitude.

A small price to pay to not be a zombie.



Louis Shulman

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