7 Better Things To Do Instead

Graduating So Soon?

As an aspiring entrepreneur about to graduate college, the natural next step would be to start my own company, right?

Despite the simplicity and romanticism of that path, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s actually a bad idea for four reasons.

  1. Short Runways: Fresh out of school, you presumably don’t have baskets of cash. …

Advice I’m Proud That I Ignored

The Louis and Kyle Show on Apple Podcasts

I got laughed at for starting a podcast at the beginning of the pandemic.

Launching a podcast in the midst of COVID was so popular it became a meme in and of itself. Did the world need another 21-year old with a microphone?

Despite everyone telling me how crowded the medium was, I decided to give audio a shot.

This week marked one full year since releasing the first episode of The Louis and Kyle Show. We didn’t miss a week. Not even one.

This short post reflects on some wins, losses, lessons, and areas for improvement from a year…

The Power of Cheap Abundance

In many cases, the greatest improvements to quality of life (QOL) come from removing negatives rather than adding positives.

After a predictable (and tragically short) period of time, new stuff loses its luster. Gizmos like cars and phones are progressively less exciting from the moment of purchase onward.

Instead, solving genuine problems (no matter how small) leads to more lasting joy.

I’ve been acting on this phenomenon through a framework I call cheap abundance.

Stealing each other’s phone chargers caused ~50% of the friction in my family while I was in high school. …

The damaging effects of thinking he’s so special

Elon Musk is not a genius

Stop telling yourself that he is. Stop telling other people that he is.

When you call Elon a genius, you imply that he is superior in an inaccessible way.

This helps NOBODY.

When you call Elon a genius you suggest that

  • His brain works in ways beyond what we could ever achieve.
  • It is not worth attempting to succeed at his level.

I’m not claiming to be as smart as Elon Musk.

Instead, I’m claiming his intelligence is less distant when you demystify it.

Let’s analyze a few components of his success.

  • Elon…

What Could Go Wrong?

This Can’t Be Good

Rolling out of bed on March 4th, my legs cramped so badly that I almost fell.

I could barely walk to the bathroom.

For a few minutes, I was terrified. What the hell was going on?

Nervously brushing my teeth, a burst of clarity calmed me back down.

Paul told me this would happen.

Who is Paul?

In July 2020, I enthusiastically tried the carnivore diet after drinking every drop of Kool-Aid from my real-life hero, Carnivore Aurelius. (Steak + Stoicism)

One week in, I was light-headed, dizzy, and ridiculed by my friends, so I quit.

Ever since then, this silly failure has…

How To Study and Overcome Mini-Obstacles

Photo by Tim Wilson on Unsplash

“Successful people get good at doing hard things.”

I first encountered this idea on Cal Newport’s podcast, and it stuck with me.

Whether it’s waking up early, taking cold showers, or writing for a few extra hours, a great deal of success comes down to winning inflection points: moments where you either execute the plans you’ve made for yourself or give in to resistance and snooze your plans for an indefinite ‘later’.

From having tried to build all of these habits, I’m no stranger to fighting with resistance. Because of that, I’m always hunting for helpful tactics to win these…

Is it worth $200 to write 30 essays?

What is Ship30?

The goal of Ship30 is to publish a screen-shot-sized (~200 word) essay daily for 30 days. I completed the challenge in February.

Here’s a sample essay I wrote during the challenge.

3 barriers to entrepreneurship and how you can overcome them

Escaping the rat race is hard.

Escaping the rat race requires escaping conventional thinking. It requires taking uncommon risks and constant self-directed learning. Hardest of all, it requires sustaining contrarian viewpoints about most aspects of modern life.

In my opinion, it’s all worth it.

American culture exerts a powerful influence on the beliefs and habits of its citizens. From the earliest of ages, we are groomed to be perfect members of our capitalist society. …

17 Ideas From THE Best Podcast I’ve Heard In A Year

Who Is Elliot Bisnow?

Elliot Bisnow is a wildly high-energy and successful young entrepreneur.

He is the co-founder of Summit Series, an “organization best known for hosting global flagship events that unite the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

Bisnow is also a startup investor, having made almost 50 early stage investments, including Uber, Warby Parker, Allbirds, Coinbase, and Poshmark.

What is Elliot Bisnow Energy?

This is my own term to capture Elliot’s uncommon, infectious energy.

He is authentic, inspiring, accomplished, and radiates positivity. Listening to this interview recharged my dead batteries and made me want to tackle the world. …

Input Management, Happy Habits, Truth Seeking and Abundance

Systems rarely “get better” by accident. Instead, progress is usually a product of intentional efforts aimed at positive change.

In this post, I share 4 brief examples of actions to take and ideas to consider in order to deliberately improve.

(1) Cultivate Inputs

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” — Jim Rohn

Jim is correct, but he should take the idea even further.

Like it or not, we are massively influenced by our surroundings: who we follow on social media, who we text, who we…

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