How To Making Winding Down Easier Than 1–2–3

7 Insights From Reading How The Internet Happened by Brian McCullough

Why Read This Book?

Fun Times With Fun Side Effects

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But First, The Side Effect Mentality

Cookies, Guts, Independent Thinking, Consistency, and Small Bets

Things that haven't changed: maroon shirts and bad lighting

A Simple Technique To Manage Your Emotions

Take Your Pic

A Dead Simple Tip For Looking Smart & Funny By Winning Predictable Moments

The self-improvement habit you should do more often

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What does that look like?

If you can do the 75HARD, you can do anything.

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You are capable of achieving much more than you think.

One simple step to reclaim your humanity

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Louis Shulman

Insatiably Curious | Compute Science at The University of Alabama

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