Elliot Bisnow Energy

17 Ideas From THE Best Podcast I’ve Heard In A Year

Who Is Elliot Bisnow?

What is Elliot Bisnow Energy?

1. Prioritize forming genuine friendships with interesting people over ‘networking’

2. Inject fun into everything.

3. Facetime by default.

4. Put your phone away. Be Present.

  • are FULLY present with the people around them
  • have systems that remove themselves as the bottleneck

5. You need short, medium, and long term goals.

6. Decisions matter more than effort.

7. THE common success habit is reading.

8. Action items vs inboxes.

9. Build equity.

10. How you tell a story matters more than the story itself.

11. Listen more. Ask more questions.

12. Learn Backgammon.

13. Survival skills.

14. Lateral moves.

  • What additional value can I provide to same the people I’m serving?
  • What new people would benefit from what I’m already doing?

15. Read The Third Door by Alex Banayan

16. Don’t Underestimate Introverts

17. Always Find a Way

This interview is worth your time, I promise.



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